Friday, November 23, 2012

More Misc. Autumn and Cedar

"I ate it all up."

This was during the master bedroom remodel. We had to move the bed into the living room affording Autumn and Cedar some great jumping on the bed and jumping off chairs onto the bed opportunities.

More sink time fun

Cedar, like Autumn is getting to be quite the face maker as well.

 The little pumpkins made great props for pics, but trying to get Cedar to stand still enough for a good shot is challenging. This is the only good one I got. 

 Sent to "timeout", Cedar protests

The girls love books. But we just had to pare down. They got to choose 12 each. The rest go into storage and will be rotated in.
Figured the Grandmas & Grandpas were growing weary of dead deer pics and the lack of grand kid pics. So here's a few more random shots.

Busted. Part 2

And then there was the day mom caught her past her ankles in the sink.

Busted. Part 1

The sink fairy

Doh! Busted!
Cedar L.O.V.E.S. water. A favorite is to go into the bathroom, climb up on the toilet and play in the sink faucet stream. Depending on our mood we either allow her to do this or not (I know, so inconsistent). But she knows she needs our permission. Most days we keep the bathroom door shut, but sometimes we forget and she sneaks in.

More Halloween Fun

Autumn not interested in eating the candy but very intent on putting like with like. Cedar on the other hand...

What? Me? No, I don't have anything behind my back.

Autumn and Cedar getting the treats ready to pass out.

Our little organizer

Cedar was in bed by the time the trick or treaters starting making the rounds, but we let Autumn stay up and help pass out the candy. I would do a costume check through the window to make sure they weren't scary then let her open the door. She did a great job.

Halloween - Queens and Fairies

So far we've been able to avoid trick or treating, but the fall carnival at the school was a good reason to get costumed up.


Smoothies. Mom's technique for secretly feeding them whatever she wants. The  kids just taste blueberries.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Rut Continues

First Light Buck

Who needs turkey when there is fresh venison heart available? I shot this Thanksgiving eve buck at first light and was back in the office by 9:30am. I snuck into the middle of a muskeg in the dark and settled in to wait for daylight. Right at first shooting light I felt a tickle in my throat. I couldn't suppress the cough. The buck must have thought I was another buck grunting because a few minutes later he materialized just 20 yards away. I thought that cough had ruined my morning. I was particularly pleased with the tracking job. There was only a scant blood trail and this buck was intent on weaving a mystery for me prior to expiring. I was very thankful when I came upon him, very dead. I am turning this entire buck into jerky. Yum.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Home Improvement #2 "Autumn's Room"

Autumn helping seal floor boards

1/4" ACX plywood ripped to 4" boards

Getting started

Kilzing the floor

I always had willing helpers

But sometimes Dad needed to work alone

Starting the pattern

Floorboards in, baseboards next

Safety first

Walls and floor painted

Amy adds the pink

Closet organizer going in

Finished room

Closet still needs trimmed out, but functional

Autumn trying out the new digs

Replacing the carpets in all the bedrooms has been the next big project. Autumn's room was first. The floor replacement morphed into a total re-do. The floor boards were made out of 1/4 plywood. Amy designed the paint scheme. We still need to install new trim around the doors and window, someday tackle the popcorn ceiling (whoever thought that was a good idea? ), and Amy wants to do some more decorating but for now the girls seem to be enjoying their "new" room. Next project: master bedroom floors.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Right Place, Right Time

Roadside Buck

Sometimes around here you just have to be in the right place at the right time. I shot this buck yesterday afternoon. I wasn't hunting, but I did have the rifle in the truck just in case. I'm not an accomplished road hunter so it was a bit of a comedy as I screeched to a halt on the side of the road, turned the truck inside out looking for bullets and then piled out hoping he was still standing there. The rut makes bucks do some dumb things. Why else would he be standing alongside a main road, in the middle of the day, during hunting season? Looking for love in all the wrong places. He almost snapped out of it in time and attempted a hasty retreat, but I made a nice off-handed shot as he slipped through the brush to secure him. It was an arduous 50 yard drag back to the road. It isn't always this easy (actually I don't think it's ever been that easy), but heck I'll take a gimme every once in a while. What makes this buck a real subsistence buck is that I gave the whole thing to a neighbor in trade for a steady supply of farm fresh organic eggs. Win win for everyone involved. Well, except for the buck.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autumn's First Buck

Autumn with deer 11-4-2012
Autumn has always wanted to go hunting with me. This last weekend she finally got her chance. She was so excited to go and spent a lot of time getting all her warm clothes organized. The day arrived. The wind was fierce and the rain was pelting down, but we stuck with the plan. With copious snacks and full-body rainsuit she was ready to hit the woods. Fifteen minutes into the drive from home, "Daddy, why haven't we gotten a deer yet." Well it didn't take me long to figure out seeing, let alone killing a deer was going to be problematic. She's not big enough yet to safely navigate the terrain so I carried her a lot or pushed her down old logging roads in the stroller. She tried but frequently forgot about being quiet. The deer call she had been practicing with sounded more like a duck call. And when she tripped and skinned her hand, I thought we might have to abort the mission. But she toughed it out and despite the lack of actual hunting, we had a great day afield together.  Later in the day, "Daddy, I really, really want to get a deer." I had been very hopeful to get one as well. I wanted her to have the experience of seeing the kill and all that goes with it. As we slowly road hunted our way out of the woods we spied this little buck on the side of the road. "Daddy! A deer!" So I shot it. Autumn was absolutely thrilled. "Daddy, it's so beautiful." We got to track it together and I showed her how to gut it and named all the parts and what they did. She loved poking things with her stick. When we got home she was out in the garage with me skinning. There was no squeamishness on her part, she got right in there with me. So not the biggest deer I've ever killed, but I think I may have solidified a great hunting partner for years to come.

Autumn's First Poem

And all the birds sang up in the high northeast
and they were loved in the spring and the summer