Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How I spent February

And part of March. Bears, bears, bears. Five days a week for five weeks straight. Mostly rain and snow and a bit of sunshine. Easily over 100 miles hiked and thousands of vertical feet climbed.Too bad it isn't August, I'm in sheep shape now. We found 25 dens and captured about half of those.

That's a nice boar in that very large hemlock tree.

It will be just a weird dream and a bit of a hangover when she wakes.

How many folks get to crawl into a bear den, with the bear still there?

The constant rain and fog wears on you, and then the sun breaks through...

This old buck eluded every hunter but couldn't escape old man winter.

Who needs a tent when I know where all these hidey places are now?

These bears pick some sweet dens in some magnificent places.

Mama bear with three cubs.

Looking north toward Ratz Harbor.

Click and you'll see the ear tags, about 25' down this hollow log.

It's been a mild winter, but above 1K' it's full on winter.

Another classic sun breaking through moment.

Occasionally they wake and lumber out. This guy will wake and crawl back to bed.

Another mama and babies.

Looking across Clarence Straight.

This little guy was content and had a full belly of milk.

Almost ready for processing.

2K feet on top of the mountain. Where are you?

Well hello, there you are.

A rare sunny day. A pleasure to be out.

Sunlight on Cedar.

Rugged peaks of Manty Mountain.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Proving Trail Adventures on Facebook

Proving Trail Adventures has joined the masses on Facebook. Check us out at http://www.facebook.com/ProvingTrailAdventures. If you're into that kind of thing "Like" us.

The Best Two-Bits Ever

Amy handed me some coins the other day to finish a purchase. My honed sheep radar started going off. What was this? Seems like someone over at the Treasury Department made one of the best decisions ever concerning the US economy and chose to prominently feature a Dall ram shadowed by Denali on the latest "America the Beautiful" quarter. Nice! I just can't believe it is still only worth .25.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Alaska Sheep Slam

Proving Trail Adventures is starting to get some press. Scott and I were recently featured on the Live Outdoors website with a story about the Alaska Sheep Slam and a review of our recently released sheep hunting DVD "Lace 'em up." Check out these links to see the articles.

Alaskan Friends in Pursuit of Ram Hunting Excellence

Lace 'Em Up Sheep Hunting DVD Review

2012 Talkeetna Mountains Ram that completed the first ever Alaska Sheep Slam.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Autumn Cedar Update 2013

Apologies from the Fullcurl of Life. Life got away from us a bit the last couple of months and I haven't had a chance to give an update on the girls. Follow this Flickr link to see pics from the last couple months, including a few bonus Christmas pics, bdays for both girls (Autumn #4 and Cedar #2), and some life in general pics. Hope it is worth the wait!