Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting from POW to the Lower 48

0500: Wake up, last minute packing, load the truck.
0630: On the road to Hollis and the ferry terminal'
0715: Check in and board for 8am departure
0800: All Aboard!
1000: Ewww. Seasick baby. Clean up as best as I can.
1100: Arrive Ketchikan.
1130: Carrying baby and 7 pieces of luggage to airport ferry.
1145: Five minute ferry to Ketchikan airport.
1215: Convince Alaska Airlines personnel that your carry-on luggage does meet their size restriction, and that the baby back-pack should count as a "stroller" thus qualifying for free gate-checking.
1245-1400: Hang out in terminal. Thank God for the small kiddie area.
1430: Early boarding for flight to Seattle.
1600: Arrive Seattle airport, lug luggage to awesome kid play area.
1800: In line for Horizon Air Flight to Portland.
1815: Intense conversation with Horizon Air Supervisor about "new" Horizon bag restrictions. Finally get an exception and manage to get all bags and people on board for no extra fees.
1930: Arrive Portland
1945: Meet with baggage claim personnel to discuss missing cooler full of salmon
2000: Scotty meets us at airport for drive to mom & dad's.
2100: Arrive