Thursday, January 27, 2011


You've no doubt seen it on a late night infomercial, on Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey. Heck, it's even being hawked on QVC. P90X or Power 90 Extreme. Touted as an extreme home fitness program that will transform you physically in 90 days. Well, I admit the infomercial looked intriguing. I'm into fitness, I try to go to the gym on a regular basis, but I've never done any kind of program. I just run or randomly lift weights. I'm usually in decent shape. Good enough to hike around in the mountains and pack sheep home. I wondered, how good of shape could I really get into if I had some guidance? I also sometimes get an itch to really test my self-discipline. So I determined to give Tony Horton a shot to see what he could do with me. I started in October and committed myself to the program, including the diet plan they outline for you. I missed one work-out the entire 3 months (Thanksgiving) and allowed myself 2 cheat days on the diet (Thanksgiving and Christmas). Here are the results:

172.5 lbs, 19.5% body fat, 34 inch waist, resting HR 58 BPM
158.5 lbs, 10% body fat, 29.5 inch waist, resting HR 50BPM

So I lost 14 lbs total , but if you calculate the body fat I actually lost 17.5 lbs of fat and gained 3.5 lbs of muscle.

Fit Test Results:
Before: 9 Pull-ups, 17” vertical leap, 43 push-ups, +0" toe touch, 2:39 wall squat, 25 curls (20lbs), 39 in and outs.
After: 23 pull-ups, 20” vertical, 101 push-ups, +6" toe touch, 4:05 wall squat, 53 curls (20lbs), 82 in and outs.

I’d say the program works. But maybe more importantly than the "outside" improvements was what a mid-program health fair revealed. My "insides" are doing good too. My blood pressure is as low as I can recall it ever being. A blood test revealed low cholesterol and a number of other parameters right where they should be. I know it sounds cliche, but my energy levels are high and overall I just feel good.

I think Mr. Horton and I will be spending more time together in the future. There are after all, more sheep to be packed out of the mountains.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

39 Weeks

Oh, by the way if you haven't heard, Amy is expecting...any moment now. We're in Fairbanks waiting it out at Grandpa & Grandma's house. Anxiously waiting to meet our new little girl.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recent Autumn

Here are the last few pictures of Autumn as an only child.

She got her first real haircut yesterday. Now her hair is out of her face and she looks even more like a big girl.

Here she is "stuck in snow" at -20 degrees in Fairbanks.

Successfully sleeping every night in her "big girl bed" now.

Stylin' in the bead handband.

More pictures have been loaded to flickr. I don't know why they are rotated wrong. They are fine everywhere else. I guess you'll have to tilt your head.

Monday, January 3, 2011


What is it about kids and dinosaurs? It's like they are genetically hard-wired to have a dinosaur phase. Doesn't 22 months seem a little young though? Autumn is fascinated by them right now. Her favorite is Tyranasaurus Rex, or "t-ex" as she calls them. Maybe we have a budding paleantologist on our hands.

Christmas 2010

Here's the most recent family photo 12-24-10.

I think this photo needs to be submitted to Webster. They can put it right next to the definition for "beautiful."

More Christmas fun at Flickr.