Friday, November 25, 2011

We Can Lego Too.

This post is mainly for my sister and her kids, just to let them know that me and Autumn can Lego too and thank them again for passing on some cool stuff.

There are several notable features to this modern barn. First, our animals are special so we don't relegate them to the ground level. No they get a pasture and corral on the second story. Also the pig trough is near the top of the barn. This way the pig has to earn his slop and stays fit and trim. Also check out the sun roof openings on the first level ceiling. This is a dairy farm as well, so the milk catchment sytem is at the top of the barn. This keeps the farmers aim in top form.

And finally, cattle rustlers will not be tolerated.

Last Light

First Light

Two of the People I'm Most Thankful For

More pictures to check out at Flickr.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Autumn and Cedar Flickr Update

Check out some of the girls latest adventures by clicking on the link to flickr.

You Never Know...

...what you are going to see. It's fun having a bit of a view of the ocean. We see whales on occasion right from the couch and yesterday Amy caught this house going by. I guess that makes moving easier when you can just take the whole house with you.

Deer Season Part II

Deer season in SE really winds down in mid-September when deer leave the alpine areas. They are pretty secretive and difficult to hunt until November when the breeding season starts and bucks begin to get less wary. I've been out a few times the last 10 days or so watching for the rut to kick in. We had our first snowfall last Friday which helped me identify an area with a lot of deer activity. The first tracking snow of the year is always a fun time to be in the woods. It's like reading a book if you know what to look for. I slipped back into the area at first light yesterday and lured this mature buck in with some calling. He came in fast and determined and gave me a pretty easy 10 yard shot. It was even more exciting to see how interested Autumn was in him. She liked petting dad's deer. I've got high hopes...