Saturday, April 23, 2016

Is it too late for Christmas Pics?

...or even Halloween pics?

Frozen castle jack-o-lantern

Last day of gymnastics

Christmas tree "shopping"

This is pretty much standard pose for Autumn now.

Ernie Clause

Can't. Put. Book. Down. Even. To. Brush. Teeth.

Christmas morning

Cedar B-Day with fairies!

Elsa braid

Random Beauty

Sick, but still cute

Autumn with fancy hair
Easter egg decorating

Cedar randomly decided to go sit on the deck in the rain and stick her feet in a bucket of cold water. I don't know why, but the reaction is classic.

It's a little harder to spot the beauty in Los Angeles coming from Alaska, but when you look it is still all around.

Amy and Autumn moments before we were basically kicked out of the playground because Hollywood thought we were too loud.

An insatiable love for small furry animals

Driving in SoCal not my thing, but I can appreciate it.

Outside the Rose Bowl, Pasadena

I was shocked by how cozy it was. Not a bad seat in the house. Boy did I ever want to don some cleats and go run on the grass. Hey, I still have 4 years of eligibility...

UCLA retired the #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson across all sports. That is a beautiful thing.

Lord of the Rings B-Day Party

Autumn and Cedar recently celebrated their one-hundred and eleventh birthdays! So we celebrated Hobbit style.

Santa Monica Beach

We live by the ocean, but this is different...


A & C made their first trip to the Magic Kingdom. We were having so much fun, this is the only picture I took with the actual camera. I have a few more pics on my phone if I can figure out how to get them here...

Autumn's favorite was Splash Mountain. With Space Mountain coming in a close second. Cedar's style was more teacups and carousel's.

New Scenery

Making the big move north soon. I'll have to see this every day. At least when the clouds aren't obscuring.


It's been six months but the Fullcurl of Life is still hanging on. I've got a couple free hours so I'm going through pics. Standby. This one is hot off the presses.