Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Mom Weekend #2 Camping

Hot dogs, hiking, rain, tent time. Check out flickr for more shots from our camping trip while Mom was away. A good time was had by all.

Monday, July 8, 2013

No Mom Weekend #1

A couple weekends ago Amy headed to Ketchikan with some girlfriends for a four day get away. It was just me, Autumn and Cedar. It was the longest we've spent without Amy. First order of the weekend was hiking a local trail. Check out Flickr for more pics and check back in the next few days for camping action...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Recent Text Conversation

This conversation recently took place after Amy's weekend away with the gals while I watched the kids:

[on the phone]:
Amy: Where are the rest of the muffins that were in the freezer?
Steve: We ate them all while you were gone.
Amy: (Slightly annoyed), oh, um, okay.

[switch to texting]:
Steve: 12 muffins for 3 people over 4 days is not unreasonable.
Amy: My unspoken expectation was that they be eaten once for (a) breakfast, not finished off by snacking.

Steve: So far today I have eaten zero muffins...
Amy: But you could have if they'd been left in the freezer and you hadn't had a snack attack.
Steve: We all ate them over the weekend. There was no muffin fest.
Amy: Yes, Autumn just informed me. Good to know.
Steve:For lunch I got 6 muffins and Autumn and Cedar got 3 each.
Steve: Muffin micro-manager. They were drying out anyway.
Amy:Yes, you're right.
Steve: I'm saving that text for future reference.

Amy:Well, note I didn't apologize.
Steve: Well you know what unforgiveness does for you. Let go of your muffin bitterness. 
Amy: I'm not bitter, just judgmental.
Steve:Why are you always judging me because I only believe in muffins?
Amy: Ha ha ha...I am response-less.

Steve: They were the Lords muffins, for the ninos.
Amy: Lol, The ninos needed salad...not muffins...
Steve: They got plenty of salad or something.
Steve: Plenty of carrots and celery in the fridge if you're hungry
Amy: Yeah, thanks.
Steve: Going back to work. Hopefully your muffin issues are resolved.

Amy: Fine. Let's change topics. The thermos does not go in the dishwasher...
Steve: Crimony...if you want a job done right...
Amy: Duck 'n dodge...