Sunday, November 1, 2015


Autumn and Cedar each scored a free pumpkin at the fall harvest festival.

Youth Hunter Appreciation Day

Glassing for bucks

Buck sign

Waiting Patiently


Mixed bag

Doe season starts October 15th here. It is a perfect opportunity to take the kids out hunting. I used the guise of "Youth Hunter Appreciation Day" to get out of some potential weekend work duties, having promised the kids I would take them out. Autumn got Saturday and Cedar Sunday. Each a full day of uninterrupted Daddy time. The evolution of their hunting is happening already. Autumn passed up opportunities for does because she wanted us to get a buck. We came home empty handed that day, but she did great, at one point sitting still and quiet for over an hour as we tried to call in a buck. The next day was Cedar's turn. It was pouring rain but we gamely prowled the woods for several hours. Passing on several does that were accompanied by fawns because Cedar didn't "want the babies to be alone." We eventually found a dry doe. A grouse along the way made for a fun mixed bag day.

July 2015

Lunch in Ketchikan


Headed to G&G's