Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


I've always wanted to kill a buck on Halloween. Any buck would have sufficed. What a a treat to have this outstanding 4x4 let me walk within 20 yards. He then patiently waited for me while I racked a round in the chamber and found him in the scope. The rut is in full swing. Hopefully more pics to come in the next couple weeks.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Home Improvement #1 "Entryway"

Amy and I are in full on home improvement mode. We just completed our first of many projects on the to-do list this winter. The recent acquisition of a miter saw and table saw have transformed our wood-working abilities. We're mitering, coping, caulking, countersinking, etc. We've been amazed how the right tools are making some nice detailed finish work possible. And if we can't figure out how to do something, there's always a you tube instructional video for everything out there. 

Here's how we transformed our blah entry way into an inviting space beckoning for friend's and family's coats, hats and scarves.

Of course my helper is always ready to get in there at a moment's notice.

First step, framing.

Caulked, filled, sanded and painted.

Amy re-painted the entryway to make it "pop". Hooks installed and artwork hung.
We still need to finish the new molding around the front and closet doors, but here's the finished project. We're finding that I do the rough carpentry well and Amy is heck on wheels with a caulk gun and a paint brush.

We're almost done with Autumn's room renovation. Stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Plyometrics-Also Known as Jump Training

Cedar Gets a Little Help

Autumn & Cedar Update

Cedar: Saying 2-3 word sentences.
Both: Disappearing for an hour at a time to play by themselves.
Autumn: Tender heart for her sister becoming very evident.
Cedar: Wants desperately to play in the street. Both: Go nuts when I come home from work.
Autumn: Time for a pedal bike. Cedar: Using fork and spoon by herself to eat.
Both: Love chase, hide and seek, tag, and going to the school (new play equipment).
Autumn: Very into imaginary camping and fishing. Cedar: Finally really getting into books. "book me."
Both: ALWAYS want to be outside. Autumn: Anywhere I go, she wants to go.
Cedar: Has to be in mom's business in the kitchen. Drags chair to counter and climbs on up.
Both: Waking up at 6am. Really?
Autumn: Grasp of English language astounds me sometime. We need to be more careful what we say. She's "totally" saying "totally" all the time now.

 A few more pics and a couple videos on flickr. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 Talkeetna Mountains Ram

Here's the ram that completed my 10 year odyssey.