Friday, November 21, 2014

Dad, Was I This Loud?

Maybe why we didn't get a deer that day?

Nachos For Dinner

The excitement level varies at supper time depending on what is on the menu.

Misc A&C

Cedar models new (to her) jammies

Autumn learns the letter R in school

I ate all my lunch.

A&C with pics they drew of themselves. These hung on the bedroom wall for weeks.

Autumn loses tooth #2.

Venison Burger

Grinding venison into burger is a snap when you've got such good helpers.

Autumn Gets a Haircut

Here's Autumn after a recent trip to the hair dresser with mom.

Halloween 2014

Mom does it again with great costumes for the fall carnival. this year Autumn was a peacock and Cedar was a thunderstorm. 

Hunting With Dad

It was Autumn's turn to hit the hills with Dad. We didn't get a deer that day, but we still had fun.

Nice camo. The folks are Cabelas cringe. Safety first though.

Bouquet for Mom.

Putting gymnastics skills to work.