Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 Bucks #3 & 4

Headed up a local mountain Friday evening to try to ease the pain of coming home from the sheep mountains empty handed (more about that later). I spotted this great buck about 500 vertical feet below me. From above he was easy to spot amongst the scattered meadows, but once I dropped in on him the trees swallowed up any hopes of keeping tabs on him. Luckily I had picked out a couple good land marks and was able to ease right in on him. One shot from 75 yards and I had my best buck ever.

Well I never quite made it to the top of the mountain so the next morning when I woke up I decided to hike on up and have a look-see. I had all day to pack my buck off the mountain. I had no intention of shooting another deer but took my rifle "just in case." I saw a bunch of deer, mostly does and a few forkies that I passed on. I just wanted to peek into one more basin before heading back to camp and packing up for the hike home. At the bottom of the basin was this awesome buck. I debated a long time whether or not to take him. I already had a lot of work in store for me, but after much consideration I decided I had the energy and stamina to shuttle both bucks off the mountain. Basically, he was too good to pass up. Another shot, this time from 125 yards and I had a double and my two best bucks to date.

I don't usually take my cell phone hunting with me but I was sure glad to have it this time. I was in one of those rare coverage spots. While butchering the second buck, my phone buzzed that I had a text from my buddy Isaac. So I gave him a call. When I told him how I'd fared he said the magic words, "You want help packing?" Yahoo! I knew I could and would have got those two bucks off the mountain by myself if I'd had to but I was sure glad for the help. I got both bucks shuttled to tree line where I met Isaac. He carried one bag of meat while I carried the other, the two heads and all my camping gear - still upwards of 100 pounds - down the last 1500 feet of elevation to the truck. Isaac saved me from having to climb all the way back up the mountain and all the way back down again. What a great friend.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Autumn 17 Months

First Road Rash

Ouch! But since she's related to me I'm sure there's a lot more where that came from.

Spaghetti Girl

Wants some fun? Give your 18 month old a bowl of spaghetti and a fork and sit back and watch the hilarity.

Monday, August 2, 2010