Friday, March 16, 2012

The Birthday Girl

Autumn Celebrated her third a few days ago. Happy Birthday Autumn!

"I got new crayons!!"

There's more pictures of birthday festivities and other fun at flickr.

Senior Slide

Amy took a cake decorating class her last semester of college. It paid off, when Autumn requested a pink blankie cake for her birthday. Yum.
Here Autumn gets her first glimpse of the finished cake on the morning of her birthday.

Isn't that pretty much a perfect representation of Autumn's blankie?

Going Green

Going green. It's everywhere now. Fuel efficient cars, biodegradable trash, organic produce, recycling, energy efficiency upgrades, low flow toilets, etc. Figured I better get on the bandwagon too. So I'm switching bullets to these green-tipped 165 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips. I've loaded these up with 58.5 grains of IMR 4350 powder, Federal primers and Remington cases. With these, my intention is to procure bountiful amounts of lean, nutritious, grass fed, artificial growth hormones and antibiotic free, organic venison. Oh, and happy St. Patty Day tomorrow.

I Can Take Care of Myself, Thank You Very Much